Nuevas marcas colaboradoras

Marcas colaboradorasGlutier skateboards la marca que se ha transformado en un gigante en Europa. Esta marca nace de la mano de auténticos surfers y skaters. Sakari SkateboardsLa histo …

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Posted by Lord of brands on 10.09.23

The best surfskates on the market.

Create your custom surfskate with the different types of Surfskate trucks from our factory. Discover which surfskate truck best suits your style.  BURI TRUCKS: Very soft and smooth trucks, gr …

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Get to know the Buri trucks

Now you can customize your surfskates with Sakari's Buri trucks. These axles have become a star product in 2023 thanks to their excellent quality and price ratio. If you are looking for a surfskate …

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